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Add Group Communication Methods

The group communication method defines how a message is delivered to a business group when the Group message option is selected in an action or elsewhere in a module. This option treats the business group as a single entity and sends the message to the entire group using the same communication channel.

  1. From the business group configuration panel screen, select Business Groups. The Business Groups screen displays.

  2. Select the business group you want to define a communication method for. The Business Groups screen displays, with the General screen selected by default.

    Group communication methods are specific to the group instance, so if there is a version of each business group assigned to each environment (Build and Production), you must define the communication method for each group individually.

  3. Select Group communication method. The Group communication method screen displays.

  4. Select + Add method. The communication method configuration window displays.

  5. Enter a Display Name for the communication method.

  6. Select the Communication Integration used to send the message to the business group. Only connected communication tools display in this drop down. Depending on the communication integration you select, additional options display. For example, if you select a Slack integration, you must configure the Slack channel to send the message to. This field defaults to Email.

  7. When finished, select Save.


The communication method displays on the Group communication method screen. Select Edit to open the communication method configuration window and make any adjustments, or select the delete icon, delete_trash_can.png, to delete the communication method.

Once deleted, a group communication method cannot be restored.