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Assign Business Groups to Environments

To allow for flexibility in building and testing modules using business groups, each business group instance can be assigned to an environment (either Build or Production). We recommend creating two versions of each business group instance—one for each environment. This allows you to test your modules with a working version of the people directory in your Build environment without sending unnecessary communications to that group during testing.

  1. From the business group configuration panel screen, select Business Groups. The Business Groups screen displays.

  2. Select the Pick Business Group dropdown for the environment you want to assign a business group to.

  3. Select the business group you have configured for that environment.


    We recommend indicating in the business group name the environment you intend to use the group in, as well as assigning the group a color. This can help you avoid mixing up instances of a business group and ensures the correct users are available in your module.

When finished, you should have a business group instance selected for each environment.