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Create and Manage Forms

Forms address a wide variety of use cases in Tonkean and their implementation can range from simple, single-question forms to complex series of forms that respond to user choices. Forms are one of the primary ways you can keep people in the loop, allowing your module to reach out to the right people and ensure information is up to date as it moves through a workflow.

One particularly helpful feature of forms is that users can receive and submit them using their normal communication tools (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts), and also using a unique URL on the web. This allows Tonkean to reach process contributors wherever they're already working.

There are two types of forms in Tonkean, each with their own uses and features:

  • Create form - Use this form type as the primary intake source for a module (that is, the data submitted on a create form is new to Tonkean). In most cases, the submission of a create form starts a module workflow, with the actions and triggers in the module parsing and using that form data as needed.

  • Update form - Use this form type within a module to update and change information that already exists. A common use case for an update form is for status and approval fields that change over the course of an entire process. An update form allows you to contact the right approver for a certain item, which can in turn continue the module workflow.

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