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Set Up Actions

Actions are the core logic components of a Tonkean module. They respond to the triggers you've set up and, broadly, do one of three things: communicate with a person, act on or manipulate data, interact with a data source. There are a large number of actions you can take within Tonkean, and we've broken them up into three specific categories:

  • People Coordination - People Coordination actions allow a module to interact with people in various ways. These actions range in complexity from simply notifying someone that a process has completed to something as complex as asking a series of question in order to route data or documents to a targeted location.

  • Workflow - Workflow actions provide more conventional options for interacting with other systems, such as updating fields, setting delays before continuing a process, or leveraging AI and machine learning for text extraction or optical character recognition (OCR).

  • Data - Data actions provide access to your data sources and take the actions relevant to those sources (for example, sending an email using Gmail). Tonkean features native support for most common apps and data sources while offering the option to integrate a custom data source.