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Approval Cycle

The Approval Cycle action specifies a list of reviewers that must give their approval (by simply selecting an Approve button) in order for the process to continue. This allows you to build simple approval cycles into a process that allow the next set of actions that follow the approval cycle to continue.

The Approval Cycle action also creates inner items beneath the root item that triggers the process, so you can monitor each request for approval.

Name the Action Block

Select the action title or the blue pencil icon, blue_edit_pencil.png, and provide a descriptive title for the action.

Turn Action Block On or Off

By default, action blocks are enabled and turned on. Select the toggle in the top right of the action panel to disable or turn it off.

When building a module, remember you can toggle actions on and off rather than deleting them.


Who should Tonkean module Ask for review?

Select the field Person 1 field to see a list of available people or begin typing and the field will autofill suggestions. Select the desired user to add them as a reviewer.


Select + Add to include additional Person fields.


Select the Notify Them Immediately checkbox to send the message requesting approval as soon as the module workflow reaches the Approval Cycle action block. If left unselected, the module determines the ideal time to contact the reviewers based on the time of day and the number of items currently assigned to them. This checkbox is unselected by default.