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Set Up Triggers

Triggers function like "when" statements. At least one trigger must be created for a module to work, but the trigger can range in complexity from beginning a process when a new item is created (such as a new Salesforce opportunity) to containing numerous "if" statements that target specific conditions (such as only opportunities that fit certain parameters).

Create a Trigger

By default, a new module automatically creates a trigger block (denoted by a lightning bolt). To create a new trigger, follow the steps below:

  1. On the module builder screen, select the add block icon, add_block.png, before a trigger block. The Add Trigger When menu displays.

  2. Select the type of trigger to create.


    There are five types of triggers, each with their own use cases and considerations:

    • Match Conditions - The workflow runs when any item matches the "if" criteria specified.

    • Field Changed - The workflow runs when the value of a specified field changes.

    • Item is Added - The workflow runs when a new item is added, whether that item is pulled from the intake source or is added manually in the business report. This is the most common trigger type.

    • Form Filled - The workflow runs when a Tonkean form is submitted by a user.

    • On Scheduled - The workflow runs at a specified time and date.