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Create Custom Item Interfaces

Custom item interfaces allow you to build unique, specialized views of the items in a given module, enabling the sharing of relevant information with the people involved in your business process.

In many business processes, there are stakeholders who participate in only a portion of the larger process or are interested in only a few key data points. For example, if your module automates a legal intake process, the requester may want to see the status of the request and who's assigned to it, while the attorney fulfilling the request needs to see who's responsible for approving and how much time remains in their SLA. In both cases, each user can benefit from seeing only the information that's relevant to them and their role in the process. You can realize this benefit by creating a custom interface for each of these users.

Custom interfaces are built using a widget-based builder that leverages composability to allow you to easily create and update interfaces as your processes evolve. Once you've created an interface, you can share it with the relevant user or even set it as the default item view in the business report, allowing all users to benefit from the custom view.

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