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Custom Interface Widgets

Below is a comprehensive list of custom item interface widgets.


Widgets are pre-built, self-contained units that serve a specific function in your interface. In many cases, this function is to display a particular group of fields, but widgets can also enable users to initiate module actions, leave comments, or view embedded content using the interface.





Add any fields that exist in a module to your interface. These fields are read-only.


Add a comment box to your interface that enables any user with access to the interface to leave comments on the item.


Add an item timeline to your interface that allows users to track the item over time.


Add various status-related fields to your interface, including Status, Due Date, and Next Module Ping. Use this widget to highlight the most important fields that capture the status of your items.


Add any actions that exist in your module as buttons in your interface. Use this widget to enable users to activate specific portions of your module workflow such as submitting an update form.

Inner Items

Add a display of any inner-items contained within the parent item.

Status Progress Bar

Add a visual representation of an item's status as it moves through a process.


Represent a numeric field value, including global fields, over time. Use this widget to visually represent important fields over time, providing valuable insight into your workflow.

Rich Text

Add read-only text to your interface using a rich text editor. Use this widget to add an interface description or special instructions for key process contributors.


Add an image and image alt text. Use this widget to add important static images that provide important content or visually display item information.

The maximum file size is 5MB and the supported file types are JPG, JPEG, and PNG.


Embed a wide range of content using a view-only iframe. Use this widget to add virtually any content that can be embedded, including Google Slides, Youtube videos, Google Maps, PDFs, and even other websites.

While most media can be embedded using a direct link, some applications require a certain process to generate an embedded link (for example, embedding content from the Google Suite requires publishing that file to the internet). Refer to the relevant documentation for your application or media type.

Preconfigured Field Widgets

To simplify the interface building process, there are preconfigured Fields widgets for each field type, as well as for any matched entity fields in your module.

Fields by Type


Field Widget



Add a preconfigured Fields widget that contains all the manual fields in the module.


Add a preconfigured Fields widget that contains all the basic fields.


Add a preconfigured Fields widget that contains all the formula fields in the module.


Add a preconfigured Fields widget that contains all the aggregation fields in the module.


Add a preconfigured Fields widget that contains all the global fields in the module.

All Fields

Add a preconfigured Fields widget that contains all fields in the module.

Fields By Matched Entity

Each matched entity displays as a widget you can select to add any of the matched entity fields to your interface.