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Publish a Workspace App

To make a workspace app available to process contributors, you must mark each page for publish, then publish the entire solution.

  1. Mark each module in the solution for publish.

  2. In each of the pages you've updated in the workspace app, select Create version. The Create a new version window displays.

    This process is identical to creating a module version.

  3. Enter a description for the page version, then select Create Version.

  4. Select Mark for publish. The Mark Workspace App Page as "Ready for Publishing" displays.

  5. Confirm the changes are correct and select Next.

  6. Enter a description for the page update, then select Mark for Publish.

  7. Publish the relevant solution.

  8. After you publish the solution to Production, navigate back to the Workspace App on the solution screen and select View App.


    The app opens on a new browser tab:


Share the Workspace App

When your workspace app is complete and ready to be used by process contributors, you can share the external URL for it:

  1. On the solution screen, select the Workspace App section title or any workspace app page title. The workspace app page tiles display in the right panel.

  2. Select the link icon, workspace_app_link.png, in the upper right. A success message displays to confirm you copied the URL.

  3. Paste this link into a separate location and share it with relevant process contributors and other stakeholders.

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