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Workspace App Widgets

Below is a comprehensive list of workspace app widgets.


Widgets are pre-built, self-contained units that serve a specific function on your page. In many cases, this function is to display a particular group of fields, but widgets can also enable users to activate actions or leave comments using the page.




Key Metrics

Add key metrics, the important indicators for the health and performance of your module, to your page. Key metrics are global fields you can create in each module.

Rich Text

Add read-only text to your page using a rich text editor. Use this widget to add a page description or special instructions for key process contributors.


Add any actions that exist in your module as buttons on your page. Use this widget to enable users to activate specific portions of your module workflow such as submitting an update form.

Items Table

Display a table of items from a selected module. You can select a Drill down interface to display the items using a custom item interface and also filter the items.

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