OCR Conversion

The OCR Conversion action converts a specified file in PDF or TIFF format to text.


Name the Action Block

Select the action title or the blue pencil icon, blue_edit_pencil.png, and provide a descriptive title for the action.

Turn Action Block On or Off

By default, action blocks are enabled and turned on. Select the toggle in the top right of the action panel to disable or turn it off.

When building a module, remember you can toggle actions on and off rather than deleting them.


File Source

Specify whether the PDF or TIFF input file is coming from a connected data storage location or an external URL.

Data Storage

The file is sourced from a connected data storage location. Select the dropdown to choose a data storage location.



The file is sourced from an external URL. Enter the URL or select the insert field button, insert_field.png, to choose from all available fields.


Google Cloud Provider

As an alternative to using Tonkean's Google Cloud Provider (GCP) for OCR, you can connect your own GCP instance. Once connected, you can select that instance in the Google Cloud Provider dropdown.