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SharePoint, the web-based collaborative platform from Microsoft, is commonly integrated with Tonkean as a file storage and management system, though it can also be configured for other business tasks and processes.

There are two main ways to connect SharePoint to Tonkean. You can connect using standard OAuth for a single user in the same way you can connect many other applications. This is the simplest option but may cause security and maintenance concerns, and also lacks the level of permissions control some admins prefer.

Alternatively, you can leverage one of two Tonkean clients that grant Tonkean access to your SharePoint environment at the tenant level (that is, they leverage the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow). This option allows admins to choose between granting Tonkean access to all the sites in a SharePoint environment or granting access to only selected sites.

See the relevant topics below for detailed instructions for connecting and configuring SharePoint using your preferred method: