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Component Library

The Component Library is a popular way to get started building in Tonkean. It contains ready-to-go components you can import into your board and begin customizing to suit your particular needs and business process.

Most organizations face similar challenges with processes like employee onboarding or working with new vendors, but your team also has unique needs and workflows. With that in mind, each component is designed as an optimized starting point you can modify and customize to suit your specific needs.


The Component Library offers three types of components:

  • Solution Blueprints - A solution blueprint is a design plan for an entire Tonkean solution, laying out the business outcome, a clear description, and the recommended modules to orchestrate an end-to-end business process.

  • Module Templates - A module template is a predefined pattern for a Tonkean module that lays out an example of a successful workflow. The use case and relevant data sources for each template are detailed in the library.

  • Data Sources - A data source is an application or service that powers your solution, from the intake source of a module to the communication channels used to orchestrate collaboration between your process contributors. Each module template includes recommended data sources, but you're also free to download data sources individually and integrate them into your solution.

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