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11. Wrap Up

Congratulations on completing the Tonkean 101 course!

We hope you had fun learning the basics of the Tonkean platform by getting in there and building something along with us.

Below are all the concepts and processes we covered:

While it may seem complex at first, building in Tonkean is simple when you understand your process and what you're trying to accomplish. The skills and understanding you develop in one area of the platform carry over into other areas, enabling you to explore more complex workflows and solve more difficult problems.

What Now? Keep Building!

You're just getting started on your Tonkean journey. With the basic skills you developed throughout the Tonkean 101 course, you're ready to explore other solution blueprints and module templates in the component library.

Or, check out other Tonkean features and functionality in the Maker Playbook, where you can continue learning how to build workflows to solve your unique business problems.

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