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Welcome to the Tonkean™ Docs! We’re glad you’re here.

In the Docs, you'll find information on how to use Tonkean to automate processes and build experiences across various business functions using the tools and systems you already have. We take you from the most basic Tonkean elements and concepts, through how to build and maintain your own custom workflows, and even to some advanced use cases—all without writing a single line of code.

For a quick demo of the platform, check out the video below where we show you how to automate the intake, triage, and resolution of legal requests:

Where Do I Start?

  • If you're a new maker just getting started in Tonkean (or you don't even know what a maker is yet), visit Tonkean Platform, where you can get answers to beginner questions like What is Tonkean? and What is a Solution?. Once you know the basics, you can visit the Components Library or the Quick Start Guide to build your first solution!

  • If you're an experienced maker who's already familiar with how to build in Tonkean, check out the Maker Playbook. There, you'll find everything you need to build solutions end-to-end, from adding triggers and actions to configuring matched entities and communicating with your people.

  • If you're an administrator looking to support your makers, check out the Admin Playbook, where you'll find everything you need to get your makers building efficiently and securely.

  • Whether maker or admin, Data Sources is where you'll find information on connecting and configuring data sources, from recommended setups for common data sources to how to leverage custom data sources.

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