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Runtime provides a high-level operational view of all of your Solutions, and each module within those Solutions. Runtime displays a count of important items, such as the number of live modules and data actions, and more detailed information for each module, including whether the module is turned on and when the number of flow runs at various internals (7, 30, and 60 days).

Runtime Common Elements

  1. Environment - The current environment.

  2. Key metrics - Global fields created to track important statuses.

  3. Command & Control - This tab displays board-level statuses.

  4. Background Processes - This tab also provides a board-level dashboard, but one focused on the background processes that have been run for each module

  5. Module detail stats - High-level stats for each module , including details like the number of items that have been processed by any given module, the number of flows at various time intervals (for example, within the last seven days and the last 30 days), as well as which modules are currently active