Release Notes

April 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

  • The module tiles on the Solution screen have been enhanced to improve navigation. Users can now navigate to the module builder or business report directly from the module tile.

  • The Business Outcome and Description field editors on the Solution screen have been updated to rich text HTML editors, enabling users to more easily format this information and better communicate with other team members and stakeholders.

  • The Ask a Question action has been enhanced to enable users to attach files from connected data sources to emails sent by the action. This enhancement streamlines workflows for the users that participate in your process, enabling access to critical documents directly from their email inboxes.

  • Users with Slack connected as a communication source can now post the command /tonk in a Slack channel to generate a list of all available Tonkean commands, improving visibility into the processes you create in Tonkean for all process contributors.

  • Users can now sort data source aggregation fields in the module builder, making it easier to locate a specific field.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources
  • Users can now integrate Braze, the customer engagement platform, with their Tonkean solutions.

  • Enhanced the following native data sources:

    • DocuSign - Lock Envelope and Unlock Envelope actions have been added to the Docusign action block.

    • Slack App - Update User Groups and Collect Data on User Group Members actions have been added to the Slack App action block.

    • Workfront - Added the Portfolio entity, along with enhanced support for custom fields in the Workfront action block.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Tonkean from updating Organization entities in connected Zendesk data sources.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented using field values that contained commas in a dropdown manual field.

  • Fixed a bug in the Evisort Transfer Doc action that prevented updates from a selected storage provider.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the PagerDuty Create Incident action from functioning properly.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented dropdown fields with multiple options from updating.

  • Previously, selecting the formula in-line in an editor did not open the formula editor. This bug has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving a form with a configuration of Show value as 'view only'.

  • Previously, when creating a Send Notification action where the current user is not connected to Slack, the option to send the notification using a Slack channel was unavailable. This bug has been fixed.

March 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

  • People Coordination actions have been enhanced to allows users to send notifications to Slack channels that are created as part of the module workflow.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources
  • Added the following native data sources:

    • Adobe Workfront - Users can now integrate the work management application with their Tonkean solutions.

    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Users can now integrate the business applications platform with their Tonkean solutions.

    • PagerDuty - Users can now integrate the incident response applications with their Tonkean solutions.

    • Pardot - Users can now integrate the marketing automation application from Salesforce with their Tonkean solutions.

  • Enhanced the integration with Google Sheets, allowing users to choose from two options the best usage method for their business needs:

    • Add / Update / Delete - This usage method allows the basic Create, Remove, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations and supports spreadsheets up to 100,000 rows. With this method, you can add new rows, update existing rows, and delete rows. We recommend this method for spreadsheets containing data that is updated frequently and doesn't contain (now or in the future) 100,000 or more rows.

    • Append - This usage method allows only the appending (adding) of new rows and supports spreadsheets up to 500,000 rows. This method does not allow you to update or delete existing rows. We recommend this method for spreadsheets containing record or log data (for example, an audit trail), or for large data sets that are not updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented files from uploading to Google Cloud storage using a form.

  • Previously, applying a search filter in the Module Events History screen would clear the event list. This bug has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Publish Version button was enabled by turning on or off the module in the module builder.

  • Previously, an error was generated when sending a message to an existing email address with the wrong case (for example, instead of This bug has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the file upload to fail for ServiceNow actions.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented long-text columns from updating in Monday data sources.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from updating fields with multiple text and long text value types in both forms and business reports.

February 2022

New Features

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources
  • Added the following native data sources:

    • Google Slides - Users can now integrate the popular Slides application from the Google Docs Editors suite with their Tonkean solutions.

    • Notion - Users can now integrate the project management and note-taking application Notion with their Tonkean solutions.

  • Added the following data source actions:

    • Sharepoint - Collect Lists

    • ServiceNow - Create/Update Catalog Task

People Directory

People directory has been updated to support identity provider groups. This update allows users who connect external identity providers (for example, Okta) to Tonkean to leverage the user groups that already exist in the identity provider system in their people directory business groups.

Users don't need to recreate these existing user groups in Tonkean or manage user groups in multiple locations. Instead, they can manage user groups in their identity provider and easily use those groups in their workflows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Monday data source Create and Update actions to fail.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the matched entity field selector from loading.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the String Look Up Table from working as expected in the Formula editor.

  • Previously, fields with the Who can update set to Any collaborator were only able to be updated by the item creator. This bug has been fixed.

  • Previously, some users were able to access specific items whose access was prohibited by the business report permissions. This bug has been fixed.

  • Previously, when users selected to delete a custom action that was properly configured and in use in a module (and the module was running), they were not prompted with a warning message or alerted that the custom action was in use. Users are now prompted with a warning when they try to delete a custom action that's currently in use.

January 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

Each solution built in Tonkean solves a significant operational challenge within an organization, so it’s important to have as much visibility in these solutions as possible. We have revamped the solution view with new sections. This includes sections for defining business goals, solution description, modules, and business reports. This new layout makes it easy for everyone to quickly understand what the purpose of the solution is, access reference information, and continue to iterate and expand on the solution over time.

This new view features a few important sections:

  • Business Outcome - In this section, you can define the desired outcome and operational goals you aim to achieve with the solution. Using a simple markdown text format, you can add links and references to any relevant resources.

  • Description - In this section, you can describe the problem, the approach, any constraints you have, and any other information that can be useful to a maker working on the solution. You can also include links to diagrams, slide decks, or other material.

  • Modules - This tab displays the different modules that make up the solution.

  • Business Reports - This tab displays the different interfaces (business reports) in the solution. These interfaces allow you to not only view detailed statuses and data from your modules, but also to interact with process owners and business process contributors.

The new solution view helps ensure everyone is aligned on the goals and challenges you are trying to solve. It acts as both the focal point during the build process and the operation baseline once the solution is in production.


Enterprise Components

People Directory

This new feature allows users to leverage the existing organizational structures defined in their enterprise applications–as well as create new structures—to support workflows. Every organization has internal business groups that serve different functions within the organization. Some examples include the HR team, support team, finance group, etc.

The main goal of the people directory is to enable makers and process owners to be able to represent these internal business groups within Tonkean, use them during the automation process, and remove the need to constantly maintain them—making them more accessible and resilient to organizational changes.

Creating a people directory is simple and straightforward; the user needs to define:

  • The members within a specific business group, manually from from a data source.

  • The communication channels for communicating with the group.

Once created, a people directory can be used throughout the platform, providing a simple way to represent the organization structure, business groups, capabilities, responsibilities, and preferred communication channels.

Collector Logs

This new feature improves the visibility of the collected data by displaying logs of all the changes made in each collect.

Native Data Sources
  • Added the following new native data sources:

    • Evisort

    • Simple Legal

  • Added the following new native data source actions:

    • Zendesk - Upload attachment to a Ticket action

    • Slack - Archive Channel

  • Added a new entities collection option for Outreach - mailboxes and users

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from importing dropdown options from a data source's dropdown field metadata when configuring a custom dropdown field.

  • Previously, when sending an email to a Tonkean email inbox using a Send Notification action, the email body would display as empty. This bug has been fixed.

  • The Skip when conditions do not match option now displays correctly in the Delay action configuration panel.

  • Users can no longer edit fields in the Production environment.

  • When sending forms in sequence using Slack, the submission of the second form no longer generates an error.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of the first inner-item on a Collect Inner-items form.

  • On the Iterate Related Items action, the matched entities now display correctly.

  • Previously, items were created by scheduled input source in some modules when the module was turned off. This bug has been fixed.

  • Dropdown manual field options now display correctly after the user saves the field with the Field label.

2021 Q4

New Features

Solutions Studio

  • Add new Item is Auto-closed trigger that enables users to define the end of an item's lifecycle by specifying the numbers of days until it's automatically marked as "Done."

  • On Scheduled trigger - Added the option to choose a timezone.

  • Users can now manage business reports on the Solutions Studio screen.

  • Added the option to preview actions configuration on the module builder screen, including a preview of the imte and the defined conditions.

  • Added a dedicated tab for inspecting NLP action execution.

Native Data Sources

  • Added the following new native data sources:

    • Azura Storage

    • NetDocuments

  • Added the following new native data source actions:

    • Box - Create or Update Folder

    • Slack - Archive Channel

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error on the Item is Added trigger that prevented the module monitoring all inner-items.

  • Fixed error in which the expression text box did not update dynamically when using the HTML editor

  • Fixed error that prevented a file from uploading when the file extension wasn't specified on Box file uploads.

  • Fixed error that caused the Duplicate Module feature to not work as expected.

  • Fixed error that allowed some users to edit a custom action despite not having the correct permissions.

  • Fixed error in the business report item view in which the description field value was missing from the Form tab.

  • Fixed an error that prevented users from saving a Create form without a Title field.

  • Fixed an error that caused web forms to generate an error when submitted.

  • Fixed an error that prevented users from submitting a Collect Inner-items form when the initial submitted form contained no items.

2021 Q3

New Features

Solutions Studio

  • Field label - Added the option to define a field’s display label for end users in the following screens and functions: business reports, scheduled reports, forms, and My Items box.

  • The following new formulas were added:

    • Encode to Base64

    • Decode to Base64

    • Is Boolean

    • Is Date

    • Is Number

    • Array Index Of

    • Date Difference

  • Form builder - Updated the color options to allow separate colors for background, buttons, and titles.

  • Updated file upload on forms to be optional.

  • Added the option to use Create Inner Items form within another form.

  • Added the option to define a form’s title or hide the title.

Enterprise Components

Training Sets
  • NLP training sets - New type of training set that allow actions based on the content derived from NLP.

Business Reports
  • Solution report - A new report type that displays data from multiple modules within a solution.

  • Shared report - Added the ability to share solution reports to Process Contributors and enable them t view or edit data.


  • Identity provider - Added the ability to sync external users and user groups from a specified identity provider using SCIM protocol (for example, OKTA).

  • Added new permissions roles:

    • System Users - Extended access to the platform

    • Process Contributors - Regular participants in the business process

  • Add the ability to configure user source, allowing users to be added manually, added from a communication source, or provisioned (as individual users or as user groups) from an identity provider.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error in which the Title for the Add data of fields to the message section could not be added to a Send Notification action.

  • Forms containing logos no longer scroll to the top upon submission.

  • Fixed an error that prevented business tags from displaying in the tag module if there are no fields.

  • Fixed an error that caused a field definition to disappear from a Send Notification action after editing.

  • Fixed an error that listed a field created by a formula as being created by a trigger in the module.

  • Relocated the submit button of Upload File forms to the right.

2021 Q2

New Features

Solutions Studio

  • Upload Files action - Allows users to select a source and a destination storage provider.

  • Skip action - New action that skips an action block if specified conditions aren’t met.

  • Added new Upload File form, which enables users to upload files when completing forms.

  • Added the option to allow users to remain in the same platform when completing and submitting multiple forms in the same workflow.

  • Added HTML support for form descriptions.

  • Added configurable multi-line headers in a Collect Inner Items form.

  • Enabled editing of items in a Collect Inner Items form.

  • Form submission validation rules - Added customizable conditions to form answers and the option to include a warning message when the entered data doesn’t meet defined conditions.

  • Added option to allow forms to expand by default.

  • Added HTML support for Collect Inner Items forms.

Enterprise Components

Custom Data Sources
  • Shared credentials - Added the ability to configure and save connections to custom data sources in order to create different integrations based on these specified credentials. In addition, allow for the defining of who can connect to a data source type, which data sources one can connect to, which authentication types are allowed, and allow the creation of predefined accounts that include credentials.

Training Sets
  • Text extraction training sets - Machine learning function that allows user to “teach” Tonkean how to find and extract specified data from text files and then use that data in a module.

Business Reports
  • Business Report Access Control - Enable business report permissions access management that’s independent of module permissions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that made it possible to select an inaccessible data source in the module sync configuration.

  • Corrected an error in the field preview that displayed when the field was empty.

  • Simply opening an action in the module workflow is no longer counted as a change.

  • Fixed an error where changing an action type did not delete related fields.

  • The ability to view data table now displays whether the data related data source is working or not.

  • Fixed an error that prevented configuring data retention settings in a custom data source.

  • Fixed an error that prevented filtering done inner items in a business report.

  • Removing the “archived” status from an item now correctly returns the item to the corresponding business report.

  • Fixed an error that prevented the submission of a Create form with an incorporated button.

  • Fixed an error that prevented the submission of forms in Slack containing optional fields without values.

  • The Evaluate expression in formulas now works as expected.

  • Fixed an error that caused the field history metrics on the Business Reports screen to display incorrectly.

2021 Q1

New Features

Solutions Studio

  • The following formulas have been added:

    • Field Group Take Not Empty

    • Format Full Name

  • OCR Conversation workflow action added.

  • Users can now choose and create update forms from other modules within the same solution.

  • Collect inner items form - Add the ability to customize column names when building a collect inner items form.

Enterprise Components

Data Sources
  • Solution access - Added the ability to control data source access for specific solutions.

  • Custom data source actions - Added the ability to create custom actions for any data source, native data source, or custom data source.

  • Test actions - Added the ability to test custom actions from the Enterprise Components screen.

  • Audit logs - Added the Audit Log on the Data Source Management screen, which displays recent changes, who made the change, and a timestamp.

  • Command and Control - Provides environment analysis and the ability to turn environments on and off as needed.

  • Background processes:

    • Invoke - Add a manual background process that enables users to invoke monitored items.

    • System - Provides visibility for monitored items triggers by scheduled triggers.

Bug Fixes

  • Added validation to prevent duplicate Slack slash commands between modules in a Tonkean board.

  • Supported adding field data in Microsoft Teams.

  • Fixed example items dropdown incorrectly displaying both environments.

  • Enabled sending people actions to custom channels in Microsoft Teams.

  • Supported the option of updating original message response in Microsoft Teams.

  • Fixed decryption of HTTP response when using an HTTP action.

  • Fixed the dropdown field not saving values of more than 500 characters.

  • Fixed an error that occurred in Microsoft Teams where only the person who selected a response button could see the response.

  • Fixed an error where module notifications were not displaying correctly in Microsoft Teams.

  • Insert field to HTML editor was fixed.

  • Fixed an error in which the Manage Makers button was disabled for board admins.


There were no infrastructure updates during for this release cycle.