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Release Notes

May 2023

New Features

Solutions Studio

Workspace Apps & Custom Item Interfaces

We've added an Enable Display Conditions option to widgets in workspace apps and custom item interfaces, allowing you to dynamically display a widget when certain conditions are met.

This option enables you to create an item interface that dynamically reflects the state of a request. That is, different types of requests in the same module can have entirely different fields that are specific to that type. You can also create interfaces that change throughout the workflow. For example, you might have a purchase request flow that includes a Fields widget where you fill in the product link and cost. Once the request is submitted, the item interface could display the Status Progress Bar widget, which was hidden until the request was submitted.

Enable Display Conditions empowers you to create more intuitive, customized experiences for requesters that don't distract them with irrelevant information—they get the content they need when they need it.


Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources

Users can now integrate the following new data sources with their Tonkean solutions:

  • Azure OpenAI - A new service that combines OpenAI's large language models with Microsoft's Azure platform.

  • Fivetran - The automated data movement platform.

  • FreecurrencyAPI - The free currency exchange rate conversion API.

  • ServiceDesk Plus - The help desk and asset management software.

The following data sources have been enhanced:

  • DocuSign - Users can now collect envelope recipients.

  • Email Inbox Intake - The native email inbox data source now tracks email replies to provide the context of the entire thread in your workflow.

  • Jira - The Upload Attachment action was added.

  • NetSuite - Users can now collect additional vendor information.

  • SharePoint - An eTag field was added for File and List entities.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Some users were unable to select the Or option for the Match Conditions trigger when following the creation of inner items.

  • Forms that followed a previous form were incorrectly overwriting the values from previous form fields.

  • External fields were duplicated by a Collect Inner Items form that updated an inner item.

  • Some users were unable to delete fields that were previously used in an action block.

  • Items could not be refreshed on inner item aggregation fields.

  • The Cancel button wasn't working on the Set Up Data Source window.

April 2023

New Features

Solutions Studio

Module Builder

Inner item update - As part of the updated module builder design (announced in January) that better highlights the role of the individual item in the Tonkean workflow, we've now included inner items in this new experience.

Traditionally, makers often built monolithic workflows, where the business logic of multiple subprocesses was over-engineered into a single module. This requires the use of complex inner items and makes it difficult to understand the relevant context. In most cases, these inner items are unique requests in their own right and deserve their own dedicated logic and monitoring.

To improve the experience of building and monitoring these subprocesses, inner items created in a parent module are now moved to a separate dedicated module. For example, if you have a module that handles the general intake for procurement requests, you may have a subprocess when a request requires special manager approval. You can create an inner item to handle this subprocess and add that inner item to its own module in the solution.

Notice the new inner item tile and the link icon in the Process in another module action block, where you can navigate directly to the separate module.


As part of this update, the Create Sub Items action has been renamed Create Inner Items.

Sunsetting the Contains condition - The Contains condition is no longer available for use in new formulas, training sets, and matched entities. All existing workflows using the condition will continue to be supported and function normally, except with stricter matching logic. For example, prior to the update, the Contains conditions with an input of "he" would match with "hello" and "hey", but no longer register as matches. Instead, only strings with those exact letters in isolation register as a match. That is, "he 1" is a match, but "hem" is not.

In place of Contains, we recommend using the Match condition and setting the Level to Exact. The matching logic between Contains and Match set to Exact is identical.

Custom Item Interfaces

You can now rearrange the fields in a custom item interface using new arrows, simplifying the customization experience.


User Management

Instant access provisioning is now available without domain management, enabling process contributors to access forms without needing prior registration.

Enterprise Components

Training Sets

Three new Extraction Rules have been added to more easily locate and extract target data from a file or text body:

  • Take [X] Words From End - Extract a specified number of words from the end of the text.

  • Take [X] Lines From End - Extract a specified number of lines from the end of the text.

  • Take First Word of Type {Number} From End - Extract the first numeral from the end of the text.

Native Data Sources

Users can now integrate the following new data sources with their Tonkean solutions:

  • Anthropic - The AI safety and research lab.

  • AWS Textract - Amazon's machine learning service.

  • CaptivateIQ - The sales commission management software.

  • Docebo - The AI-based enterprise learning management platform.

  • Jira Service Management - Atlassian's Jira service desk tool.

  • Kallidus (formerly Sapling) - The people operations platform.

  • Pingdom - The website performance and availability monitoring service.

  • Whistic - The vendor assessment and document-sharing automation platform.

The following data sources have been enhanced:

  • Excel 365 - The sheet selection filter has been improved.

  • IronClad - You can now collect active workflows in addition to completed workflows.

  • NetSuite - The Create Purchase Order action was added. Collectors for region, department, and item were also added.

  • SharePoint - The Create PDF action was added. Additionally, support for merging more than two PDF files was added.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Users were unable to sign in with their Okta subdomain.

  • New users created in connected Azure instances were created in Tonkean without roles.

  • Some users were unable to open custom interface dropdowns in Firefox.

  • Some File Upload actions copied from other actions were not working properly.

  • Users were unable to connect to the Facebook Lead Ads data source.

  • Two fields with identical names in the same action block could not be updated.

  • Some inline status updates leveraging button action types were failing.

  • Users were able to delete a storage provider integration without the appropriate validation that the provider was not being used by a form.

March 2023

New Features

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources

Users can now integrate the following new data sources with their Tonkean solutions:

  • AI21 Labs - The natural language processing AI developer.

  • ChatGPT for Slack - Use ChatGPT in your company's Slack channels to get quick summaries of conversations, research resources, and help with writing.

  • OpenAI - The AI research lab and software provider—this data source provides access to a wide variety of OpenAI's large language models like GPT-3.

  • SpotDraft - The contract automation and management software.

The following data sources have been enhanced:

  • Google Groups - Added new data source actions: Force User to Change Password and Remove User From Group.

    • Force User to Change Password

    • Remove User From Group

    • Invalidate Backup Verification Codes

    • Deletes All Access Tokens Issued by a User

    • Sign Out User

    • Delete User

  • SharePoint - Added the new data source actions Delete File and Create Sharing Link.

  • Zendesk - Admins can now update User data retention to 0, stopping the collection of the User and Org entities.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Users with an invalid Slack communication tool were unable to invite new users to their board.

  • Charts widget:

    • More than one field could be added to the configuration panel.

    • Categorical-type charts were displaying incorrectly after adding or removing a field in a separate Charts widget.

    • Users were unable to delete the Conditions filter.

  • Users were unable to delete all external activities for some data sources.

  • The History link to a specific workflow run wasn't working properly.

  • The addition of new rows in Excel 365 data sources was overriding existing rows.

  • Data source record collection was failing for OrigamiRisk data sources following the successful run of some action blocks.

  • Some users were unable to connect Amazon Redshift data sources.

  • The Items widget wasn't displaying properly in card view.

February 2023

New Features

Solutions Studio

Module Builder

The module builder has been updated with the following new features:

  • Item Requester - All processes begin with a new request and each request has a requester. The requester is a critical persona that is served by the workflows that you build in Tonkean.

    A new field, Requester, has been added that allows you to see who the unique requesters are in your process—allowing you to better understand your workflows and identify the people benefiting from the processes you deliver to your organization through Tonkean. This field supports dynamic values, enabling makers to leverage existing fields and formulas to precisely identify the requester for their process.

    Depending on your pricing plan, this field may be used to calculate usage.

  • Array Common - A new formula, Array Common, returns values that are shared in common between two provided arrays.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources

Users can now integrate the following new data sources with their Tonkean solutions:

  • Dun & Bradstreet - The business data and analytics provider.

  • Deel - The all-in-one payroll and compliance platform.

  • Fountain - The high-volume hiring platform.

  • InvoicesGPT - Tonkean InvoicesGPT fully automates the handling of all incoming invoices. Connect your email inbox or Google Drive and Tonkean can analyze any PDF or invoice files to extract relevant fields, complete a three-way-matching verification, provide visibility into spend across vendors and departments, and update existing finance systems.

  • NextCloud - The on-prem content collaboration platform.

  • Oracle DB - The popular database provider is now available as a native cloud application.

Additionally, the existing data source, Coupa, has been updated with the new Create PO action.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The email inbox blueprint was not downloading with the storage provider connected.

  • Some users were unable to add a user to a group using Okta.

  • Inner items of uploaded files did not include a File ID field.

  • Some users were unable to upload a file using a Google Drive data action.

  • The Add a Row action was failing for Excel Online.

  • After an initial match, inline status updates were not working as expected following a Field Changed trigger.

  • Some users experienced an error when submitting a Collect Inner items form.

January 2023

New Features

Solutions Studio

Module Builder

The module builder has been redesigned to radically simplify and improve the building experience. More than a new look and feel, this redesign changes the way makers understand the module item and its part in the module workflow.

Users are now better equipped to define what an item is for their unique process and see that reflected in the user interface. For example, for a Legal Ops team, the item may be a Legal Request or a new Matter. For a Support team, the item may be a Support Ticket. And for Procurement, the item may be a new Purchase Order. Whatever the module item is for your workflow, you can define it clearly and see that customized item track throughout the entire workflow.

As part of the module builder redesign, we've made a couple of important changes to the UI:

  • Simplified module builder canvas - The module builder canvas has been redesigned to visually emphasize the item as the center of the module workflow. Where the module builder workflow previously began on the left side with Input Source and Items columns, the Item tile now provides the starting point of the workflow in the upper left corner of the canvas. You can still view matched entities by selecting the link beside the Item tile or by using the module builder toolbar.

    You can select the Item tile to open the Item Details panel and customize the module intake source, including defining the item and adding a definition of the item. For example, in the image below, we've defined the item as an Equipment Request.

  • Item Details panel - A new Item details panel has been added to the top of the module builder toolbar. Use this panel to select the module intake source, customize the item type, and add relevant triggers to begin your module workflow. In the example below, we've added a description of our Equipment Request item.

  • Module Details window - You can now edit the module name and description in the new Module Details window. Select the module settings button, module_settings_cog.png, and select Module Info.


    The Module Details window displays, where you can rename the module and add a description.


This redesign represents an exciting leap forward in the module builder and we're excited to begin 2023 with this refined, more focused experience for all makers.

Workspace Apps & Custom Item Interfaces

Workspace app and custom item interface capabilities have been extended with updated widgets that provide a richer and more interactive experience for employees, especially those on mobile:

  • Advanced filters for the Items widget - Process contributors and other stakeholders now have more control over how to display items in the Items widget, providing them with a more customized view relevant to their needs—without the maker needing to account for numerous views of the same data. Once enabled, process contributors can select the included filter to set custom parameters for available items.

  • Dynamic values for Image and Embed widget fields - You can now leverage formulas in the Image and Embed widgets to create dynamic values that pull from data in your module.

  • Improved mobile experience - We've made a variety of updates to workspace apps and custom item interfaces to improve the mobile experience, including a rescaled UI to make better use of the smaller screen size, simpler navigation, and a new card view for the Item widget.


Component Library

Users can now download a custom database template from the Component Library to create an internal database that suits their unique process needs.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources

The following data sources have been enhanced:

  • Google Calendar - The Module Events History for this data source action now includes the API request and response, enabling easier troubleshooting.

  • Google Drive - We've added override support for potential 401 errors, preventing unexpected entity collection failures.

  • Google Sheets - We've added a new Create Or Update Row action as a complement to the existing Create Row and Update Row actions. This new action first checks if a row exists for the item in question and, if not, it creates the row.

  • Intercom - Users can now set data retention and disable entity collection for Intercom data sources.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Some users were unable to edit condition groups in the module builder.

  • Monitor Items triggers set to monitor Each action item following a Create Sub Items action were not working as expected.

  • The Item widget, when set to display inner items, could not be made editable.

  • The Module Events History indicated the module was running despite it being turned off.

  • The Date field value was not displaying for some users' Fields widget.

  • After duplicating a module, there was no option to create a version without making an additional change.

  • Board admins were not able to activate an inactive board.

December 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

Workspace Apps & Custom Item Interfaces

Workspace app and custom item interface capabilities have been extended with new widgets that provide a richer and more interactive experience for employees. These updates provide another level of customization for your workspace apps and interfaces:

  • Embed widget - You can now embed a wide range of rich media content into your workspace app or item interface using an iframe. Use this widget to add virtually any content that can be embedded, including Google Slides, spreadsheets, documents, YouTube videos, Google Maps, PDFs, and even other websites.

    Some common use cases include embedding contract PDFs for legal ops dashboards and embedding training videos from YouTube or Vimeo to supplement new employee onboarding apps.

  • Image widget - You can now add an image to provide important content or simply add visual appeal to your workspace app or item interfaces. In addition to visually illustrating concepts, some common inclusions are team photos or page hero images to further customize the user experience.


Date-type manual fields have been enhanced with a new 24-hour time format in the date picker. This option is currently available for use in web forms only.

User Management

User roles support has been added for Azure AD provisioning, providing admins more control over user role management in Tonkean.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources

Users can now integrate Google BigQuery and Allocadia with their Tonkean solutions.

The following data sources have been enhanced:

  • Greenhouse - You can now remove entities collections.

  • Microsoft Outlook - You can now collect calendars, shared calendar events, and create an event in the Teams calendar using a new data action.

  • SQL Databases - Support for GET actions has been added to SQL database integrations.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Some users experienced a graphical bug where the Timeline widget would gradually decrease in size without user input.

  • Text, emojis, images, links, and tables added into the Rich Text widget were not saving properly.

  • For some users, background process items were not generating a unique link in Module Events History.

  • Action block statuses were not working as expected and could not be changed except manually.

  • Changes from older versions displayed in the module Versions panel.

  • Available options for some custom actions were not displaying in the module builder.

  • Users were unable to filter using special unicode characters.

  • Greenhouse data sources were not collecting Candidate entities.

November 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

The Solutions Studio screen has been redesigned to simplify the experience and highlight the Solution Overview and Business Outcome sections—key to keeping your team aligned and moving in the right direction.


As part of the redesign, the solution sections and workspace app pages have been moved to the left Process panel. Select any solution section or workspace app page to display the solution sections or workspace app screens, respectively:

Module Builder

When monitoring items from an email inbox, you can now use People Coordination actions to reply directly to the email sender. This enhancement allows your Tonkean modules to monitor the thread of replies, providing a more seamless response for process contributors.


Manual fields have been enhanced with the following updates:

  • A time picker has been added to date fields, enabling process contributors to provide a specific time in addition to the date when completing web forms.

    This option is not yet available for Slack forms.

  • For dropdown fields, makers can now specify a default value that's pre-selected on create and update forms.

User Management and Sign In

  • The experiences for user sign-in and sign-up have been separated, streamlining the process for new and existing users alike.

  • Boards admins are now alerted through their preferred method when the assigned default actor for a board or module is disabled. This update ensures board admins can take the appropriate steps to update the relevant boards or modules to prevent unexpected behavior caused by the disabled default actor.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources

Users can now integrate UKG Pro, the human capital management solution, with their Tonkean solutions.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The Create or Update Incident actions for PagerDuty data sources was failing due to not syncing properly.

  • The "Greater Than" operator in condition groups was incorrectly including equal values.

  • Multi-value dropdown fields were not displaying properly in item interface widgets.

  • For some users, the Module Actions action wasn't working properly when set to Add Item to Module.

  • The Field Changed trigger was not activating as expected when the relevant field was updated twice due to a matched condition.

  • Icons for some data sources were not displaying in custom interface widgets.

  • Some users were unable to submit a Slack form containing an Aggregation Field that exceeded 255 characters.

  • The On Scheduled-type Wait Trigger wasn't displaying properly in the module builder, making it unavailable to users.

  • Users were able to add a condition to an empty, unconfigured action block.

  • When setting up a trigger in the module builder, the relevant action names intermittently displayed as empty fields on the Triggers panel.

  • Buttons sent as part of messages by the Ask a Question action sometimes displayed in different orders, creating an inconsistent experience for process contributors.

October 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

Workspace Apps & Custom Item Interfaces

With the new Charts widget, you can now visualize certain fields in your workspace app and custom item interface. The Charts widget displays changes in a number field or global field value over time, providing valuable insight into your workflow trends.


Component Library

Training sets and workspace app templates have been added to the Component Library. You can now upload to and download these from the Library as you would a solution blueprint or module template. The logic provided in these components can help power up your solutions, allowing you to get workflows up and running even faster.

User Management

  • You can now leverage Microsoft's Azure Active Directory (AD) as an identity provider in Tonkean. Admins can create a new Tonkean SCIM application in their Azure AD environment

  • Admins can now configure the instant access option to provision new users, which enables users with specified email domains to log in to Tonkean and be automatically granted the process contributor role. This option allows these users quick access to the Tonkean platform without needing to request provisioning and role granting through their organization, effectively streamlining the use of Tonkean across the organization.

  • You can now specify which business groups can access a workspace app page, further tailoring your workspace apps for specific users in your team or organization.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources

Users can now integrate Blink, the app that connects frontline workers to their organization, with their Tonkean solutions.

The following data sources have been enhanced:

  • Lever - You can now remove entities from Lever data sources in the data retention configuration.

  • Slack - A new Add Channel Bookmark action has been added as a Slack data source action.

  • Zendesk - A new Add Attachment action has been added as a Zendesk data source action.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Some users were unable to save custom actions for SQL data sources.

  • Google Sheets integrations weren't performing workflow actions properly after the monitored spreadsheet was renamed.

  • Some Slack forms that included fields to select users were generating errors and could not be submitted.

  • In workspace apps and item interfaces, the Items widget search field wasn't filtering items correctly.

  • Some users were unable to create a Create Sub Items action block after a trigger with the Run On Inner-Items option selected.

  • Some users received an error when trying to add a ServiceNow global field to their module.

  • Forms weren't opening in another tab as configured.

September 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

Custom Item Interfaces

The following enhancements have been made to custom item interfaces:

  • You can now create and leverage new dynamic fields in widget condition groups, further personalizing the interface to the specific person viewing it. For example, can create an "Assigned Items" field that displays only the items assigned to an individual contributor or a manager, depending on who views it. This ensures that each user type sees only the information relevant to them and their part in the larger process.

  • You can now navigate between custom interfaces for modules connected by matched items. For example, if you have Module A and Module B that share a matched item, you can now navigate from Module A's custom interface to Module B's custom interface, improving visibility into each related module and providing a clearer view of the larger process.

User Management

Users can now sign in using Okta by entering their email address instead of their organization's Okta subdomain, improving the sign-in experience for users not familiar with their specific subdomain.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources

Users can now integrate the following native data sources into their Tonkean solutions:

  • Microsoft Teams - The popular enterprise chat application.

  • Harvest - A time-tracking application that provides invoicing and reporting tools.

The following data sources have been enhanced:

  • Outlook - The welcome message that displays during data source setup has been removed.

  • Workday Report - Error handling has been enhanced to reduce the number of errors and provide more detailed information about errors in general.

  • Zendesk - Offset-based pagination has been replaced with cursor-based pagination, helping to reduce the overall call volume and potential for error.

Custom Data Sources

A new collector log has been added to custom data sources, improving visibility into the collected data and its collection history.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Some users were unable to save a Send Interface action after a When Form Answered trigger if the relevant form already existed.

  • The warning message that displays prior to deleting a form that's currently being used was not displaying correctly.

  • The Import button on some collect inner items forms was not working.

  • The option to discard pending changes was still available after creating a module version.

  • If a Create Ticket action in a Zendesk data source failed, no error displayed.

August 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

Workspace Apps

We've added an exciting new way to view and interact with your Tonkean solutions: workspace apps. While one benefit of Tonkean is its ability to sit a layer above your existing applications and orchestrate business processes behind the scenes, some users want to create a dedicated user experience for their solutions, and workspace apps provide just that.

Workspace apps are the face of a Tonkean solution, providing a user experience for all the actions, data, and business logic at work within that solution. Across multiple pages, workspace apps not only provide a way to interact with your solutions, but also illustrate their value to process contributors, helping to highlight process improvements, cost savings, or other key metrics that are important to your team and organization.


Like solutions, workspace apps can vary dramatically in their functionality, from simple dashboards with key metrics, to complex, multi-page apps that contain all the power of the solution and empower users with direct access to its business logic. Some common examples of workspace apps include intake and triage portals where makers can kick off core processes and track crucial data, and also customer lifecycle management, providing valuable insight into customer relationships across the organization.

You can build a workspace app for any solution using the widget-based page builder. Add and iterate on the pages that comprise your workspace app, filtering for the most important fields and highlighting important data. Once your workspace app is ready, share it with your process contributors to allow them to initiate the core processes in your solution and also gain valuable insights into your workflows.

Custom Item Interfaces

The following enhancements have been made to custom item interfaces:

  • Status Progress Bar widget - This new widget provides a visual representation of an item's status as it moves through an approval process. Now, process contributors can easily check an item's status and respond accordingly, directly from the item interface.


    Select each of the statuses you want to display in the interface to create a fully customized progress bar that aligns with your specific process.

  • The system default item view has been enhanced to leverage improved widgets from custom item interfaces, not only improving the quality of information, but also enhancing the look and feel of the default item view.

Module Builder

The following enhancements have been made to the module builder:

  • Matched items - In much the same way users can create matched entities between multiple data sources, users can now match items between multiple modules in a solution. Matched items enable multiple modules to remain in sync as a single item moves between them, supporting use cases with complex processes. Additionally, this improved coordination between modules allows makers to more easily build and maintain self-contained pieces of business logic.

  • A shortcut for creating a module version has been added: Cmd + D (Mac) or Ctrl + D (Windows). This shortcut creates a new module version with a system-generated description, enabling makers to more quickly save their progress and continue iterating.

  • You can now end a form sequence with a custom item interface, providing process contributors with a customized view of the item status.

  • Support for global fields has been added to the Build environment.

  • The following formulas have been added:

    • Week Number - Returns the number of the week in the year (that is, n out of 52 weeks in the year).

    • HMAC SHA-256 Encryption - Encrypts an input value using the SHA-256 algorithm.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources

Users can now integrate the following native data sources into their Tonkean solutions:

  • Confluence - A web-based corporate wiki developed by Australian software company Atlassian.

  • HiBob - An HRIS platform that helps dynamic and modern companies bring out the best in their employees.

  • Mattermost - An open-source, self-hostable online chat service with file sharing, search, and integrations.

The following data sources have been enhanced:

  • DocuSign - Authenticated user details are now included as part of the data source.

  • Intercom - Users can now extract the URLs for embedded images.

  • Slack - Users can collect the User Groups entity from their Slack instance.

Custom Data Sources
  • Custom data sources that have been added to the Component Library as templates can now be updated by the data source creators. The updates are synced to the Library, incrementing the version number of the template and informing all users that have downloaded the template that a new version is available.

  • Error handling for webhooks has been improved. Now, when errors occur, the board's default actor can be notified.

  • Users can now add a request body as a parameter in custom data source header configuration.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The list of available actions was not displaying for some native data sources.

  • Some users with access to the relevant link were able to edit the process contributors despite not having board admin permissions.

  • Global manual fields could not be updated in the business report.

  • In the Module Actions action, some users were unable to select the custom field level.

  • In some instances, collecting the User entity in a Slack data source resulted in the overriding of existing roles for users that have access to multiple projects.

  • Modules continued to monitor some Slack channels after those channels were removed.

  • A dropdown-type manual field that pulled its value from a global field was not displaying properly in create forms.

  • Some users were unable to upload a section image in a solution blueprint.

July 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

Custom Item Interfaces

A new action, Send Item Interface, has been added, allowing makers to send specific custom item interfaces to a user or group of users as part of their module workflow. This new action empowers users with detailed item information when it's most relevant to them in the process.


Below is an example Slack message generated by the Send Item Interface action:


The following enhancements have been made to custom item interfaces:

  • In the Inner Items widget, users can specify an interface in which to display an inner item, and also filter the inner items that display. These enhancements allows users to focus on the specific item types that are most relevant to a given business process. For example, in an employee onboarding use case, you can now use a separate Inner Items widget to display a new employee's Equipment Requests, Training Sessions, and Action Items separately, each being sub-processes of the larger onboarding workflow.

  • Users can now change the order of fields in the configuration panel.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources
  • Users can now integrate Coupa, the business spend management platform, into their Tonkean solutions.

  • The following data sources have been enhanced:

    • Intercom - Handling attachments from the first message in a conversation has been improved, ensuring images and timestamp information is collected as expected.

    • Miuros - The default data retention for Miuros data sources has been set to 30 days.

    • Zendesk - Users can now update the Assignee field by using the relevant email address or ID when creating or updating a ticket. Also, users can configure their Zendesk data source to collect attachments using the continuous collect feature.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • In some instances, Miuros data sources failed to collect the Reviewer entity.

  • Various related errors related to data collection occurred in Intercom data sources, including not collecting all image attachments and generating incorrect values for Conversation creation and update times.

  • The initial data collection for some SharePoint data sources failed when file volume was high and the process exceeded 60 minutes.

  • Data retention configuration was not saved after exiting ServiceNow data source connection settings.

  • Some Azure Blob data sources failed to download files that contained spaces in the filename.

  • The Status widget registered changes when a user viewed the widget but did not make any changes.

  • The Field Management widget search bar did not display in the default item interface.

June 2022

New Features

Component Library

The Component Library offers an entirely new way to build and collaborate in Tonkean. The library is composed of an extensive suite of ready-to-use components, which makers can browse and import directly into their boards.

As an entry point to Tonkean's process orchestration power, the Component Library enables quick ideation and accelerates time to value. Rather than envisioning and building a workflow from scratch, you can leverage library components to get a head-start on the core aspects of common business processes. From there, you can build and customize a unique solution or module that addresses the specific needs of your organization.


The Component Library offers three types of components:

  • Solution Blueprints - A solution blueprint is a design plan for an entire Tonkean solution, laying out the business outcome, a clear description, and the recommended modules to orchestrate an end-to-end business process.

    Most organizations face similar challenges when it comes to processes like employee onboarding or working with new vendors, but we also understand that your team has unique needs and workflows. With that in mind, each blueprint is designed as an optimized starting point you can modify and customize to suit your specific needs.

  • Module Templates - A module template is a customizable example of a Tonkean module that lays out a pattern of a successful workflow. The use case and relevant data sources for each template are detailed in the library.

    One example of a module template is the "Employee Equipment Requests" template, which is designed to be part of an employee onboarding solution. This template contains model actions and logic to orchestrate an employee equipment request process, including the forms the employee would fill out and the data source actions needed.

    Makers can leverage module templates as samples to generate ideas or as functional starting points, connecting their own data sources and logic to build their own version of the templated workflow.

  • Data Sources - A data source is the application or service that powers your solution, from the intake source of a module to the communication channels used to orchestrate collaboration between your process contributors. Each module template includes recommended data sources, but you're also free to install data sources individually and integrate them into your solution.


In addition to the components we've created, you can also create your own solution blueprints and module templates. If you've figured out an incredible process for customer onboarding at your organization, you can share it in Tonkean!


The Component Library provides makers a huge head-start in addressing the most common operations needs and use cases—from new employee onboarding to legal intake, triage, and coordination. It's a practical means of putting the power of Tonkean to immediate use.

Solutions Studio

Module Versions

The module builder has been enhanced to enable makers to manually create versions of their modules without needing to publish them to the Production environment.

These "minor" versions, indicated by a version number that includes a decimal point (for example "V2.1"), allow makers to iterate on and experiment with their modules more confidently—there's no longer a fear of losing your progress. In addition to this generally improved wokrflow, you can compare two versions and revert a module back to a previous version.

Custom Item Interfaces

The following enhancements have been made to custom item interfaces:

  • The Actions widget has been enhanced to support the addition of upload file form actions. This enhancement enables users to upload files directly from the custom interface.

  • The process of adding fields in the Fields widget has been streamlined to better support the addition of multiple fields simultaneously.

Module Builder

A new formula field, ArrayDistinct, has been added, allowing users to pass in an array or list of values and receive an array or list of the unique values passed in this way.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources
  • Users can now integrate Miuros, the customer service performance platform, into their Tonkean solutions.

  • The SharePoint integration has been enhanced to support collecting system lists.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • In some cases, users were unable to create new custom fields on the form builder screen.

  • Module settings were unable to be updated from View to Edit for some users.

  • Users were unable to create a new custom item interface with an existing name.

  • Deleting rows in a connected Google Sheets data source was causing an error.

May 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

The solution view has been enhanced to provide improved organization of and better visibility into your solution, as well as the modules within it. To help you define your business goals, process, and relevant stakeholders, we've incorporated a three-panel design to distinguish between the process, solution outline, and the working space that includes modules and relevant business reports:

  • Process - The Process panel is where you define and outline your business process, including the target business outcome, an overall description of the process, list the relevant process owners, and create a visual map of the process. Each section of the Process panel works together to provide a comprehensive view of your solution that anyone, whether a maker in the solution or an outside stakeholder, can read and understand.

  • Solution Outline - The Solution Outline panel allows you to create and maintain sections for the modules in your solution. This is a flexible feature that you can use to outline a linear process or create simple categories of related modules. Each section in the solution outline includes a name and a brief description that displays in the work space in the right panel.

  • Work space - The right panel is the largest and includes Modules and Business Reports tabs. This is where your module sections display with their included modules, as well as the process participants for each section. Where the Process and Solution Outline panels provide overviews of your solution, this panel lays out all the modules in detail.

This enhanced solution view provides more opportunities for you and your team to organize and stay aligned on the most important parts of your solution.

Custom Item Interfaces

Custom item interfaces allow you to build unique, specialized views of the items in a given module, enabling the sharing of relevant information with the people involved in your business process.


In many business processes, there are stakeholders who participate in only a portion of the larger process or are interested in only a few key data points. For example, if your module automates a legal intake process, the requester may want to see the status of the request and who's assigned to it, while the attorney fulfilling the request needs to see who's responsible for approving and how much time remains in their SLA. In both cases, each user can benefit from seeing only the information that's relevant to them and their role in the process. You can realize this benefit by creating a custom interface for each of these users.

Custom interfaces are built using a widget-based builder that leverages composability to allow you to easily create and update interfaces as your processes evolve. Once you've created an interface, you can share it with the relevant user or even set it as the default item view in the business report, allowing all users to benefit from the custom view.


Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources
  • Users can now integrate Adobe Sign, the cloud-based e-signature service, with their Tonkean solutions.

  • Enhanced the following native data sources:

    • Facebook Ads - The Facebook Ads integration has been updated to support webhook validation and authentication with custom applications.

    • SharePoint - The SharePoint integration has been overhauled with various improvements:

      • Streamlined collection of drive items

      • Webhook support

      • Client credential authentication

      • Enhanced admin access controls and setup

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The Add Monitor action was not displaying as a default option following actions that create inner items (for example, a collect inner items update form).

  • A failed ticket creation in a connected Zendesk data source displayed as successful in Tonkean.

  • The redirect URL field was not displaying in the Facebook Ads data source setup.

  • Custom triggers were activating incorrectly, causing duplicate notifications to send.

April 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

  • The module tiles on the Solution screen have been enhanced to improve navigation. Users can now navigate to the module builder or business report directly from the module tile.

  • The Business Outcome and Description field editors on the Solution screen have been updated to rich text HTML editors, enabling users to more easily format this information and better communicate with other team members and stakeholders.

  • The Ask a Question action has been enhanced to enable users to attach files from connected data sources to emails sent by the action. This enhancement streamlines workflows for the users that participate in your process, enabling access to critical documents directly from their email inboxes.

  • Users with Slack connected as a communication source can now post the command /tonk in a Slack channel to generate a list of all available Tonkean commands, improving visibility into the processes you create in Tonkean for all process contributors.

  • Users can now sort data source aggregation fields in the module builder, making it easier to locate a specific field.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources
  • Users can now integrate Braze, the customer engagement platform, with their Tonkean solutions.

  • Enhanced the following native data sources:

    • DocuSign - Lock Envelope and Unlock Envelope actions have been added to the Docusign action block.

    • Slack App - Update User Groups and Collect Data on User Group Members actions have been added to the Slack App action block.

    • Workfront - Added the Portfolio entity, along with enhanced support for custom fields in the Workfront action block.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Tonkean from updating Organization entities in connected Zendesk data sources.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented using field values that contained commas in a dropdown manual field.

  • Fixed a bug in the Evisort Transfer Doc action that prevented updates from a selected storage provider.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the PagerDuty Create Incident action from functioning properly.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented dropdown fields with multiple options from updating.

  • Previously, selecting the formula in-line in an editor did not open the formula editor. This bug has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving a form with a configuration of Show value as 'view only'.

  • Previously, when creating a Send Notification action where the current user is not connected to Slack, the option to send the notification using a Slack channel was unavailable. This bug has been fixed.

March 2022

New Features

Solutions Studio

  • People Coordination actions have been enhanced to allows users to send notifications to Slack channels that are created as part of the module workflow.

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources
  • Added the following native data sources:

    • Adobe Workfront - Users can now integrate the work management application with their Tonkean solutions.

    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Users can now integrate the business applications platform with their Tonkean solutions.

    • PagerDuty - Users can now integrate the incident response applications with their Tonkean solutions.

    • Pardot - Users can now integrate the marketing automation application from Salesforce with their Tonkean solutions.

  • Enhanced the integration with Google Sheets, allowing users to choose from two options the best usage method for their business needs:

    • Add / Update / Delete - This usage method allows the basic Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations and supports spreadsheets up to 100,000 rows. With this method, you can add new rows, update existing rows, and delete rows. We recommend this method for spreadsheets containing data that is updated frequently and doesn't contain (now or in the future) 100,000 or more rows.

    • Append - This usage method allows only the appending (adding) of new rows and supports spreadsheets up to 500,000 rows. This method does not allow you to update or delete existing rows. We recommend this method for spreadsheets containing record or log data (for example, an audit trail), or for large data sets that are not updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented files from uploading to Google Cloud storage using a form.

  • Previously, applying a search filter in the Module Events History screen would clear the event list. This bug has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Publish Version button was enabled by turning on or off the module in the module builder.

  • Previously, an error was generated when sending a message to an existing email address with the wrong case (for example, instead of This bug has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the file upload to fail for ServiceNow actions.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented long-text columns from updating in Monday data sources.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from updating fields with multiple text and long text value types in both forms and business reports.

February 2022

New Features

Enterprise Components

Native Data Sources
  • Added the following native data sources:

    • Google Slides - Users can now integrate the popular Slides application from the Google Docs Editors suite with their Tonkean solutions.

    • Notion - Users can now integrate the project management and note-taking application Notion with their Tonkean solutions.

  • Added the following data source actions:

    • Sharepoint - Collect Lists

    • ServiceNow - Create/Update Catalog Task

People Directory

People directory has been updated to support identity provider groups. This update allows users who connect external identity providers (for example, Okta) to Tonkean to leverage the user groups that already exist in the identity provider system in their people directory business groups.

Users don't need to recreate these existing user groups in Tonkean or manage user groups in multiple locations. Instead, they can manage user groups in their identity provider and easily use those groups in their workflows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Monday data source Create and Update actions to fail.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the matched entity field selector from loading.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the String Look Up Table from working as expected in the Formula editor.

  • Previously, fields with the Who can update set to Any collaborator were only able to be updated by the item creator. This bug has been fixed.

  • Previously, some users were able to access specific items whose access was prohibited by the business report permissions. This bug has been fixed.

  • Previously, when users selected to delete a custom action that was properly configured and in use in a module (and the module was running), they were not prompted with a warning message or alerted that the custom action was in use. Users are now prompted with a warning when they try to delete a custom action that's currently in use.