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Connect Custom Data Sources

While Tonkean natively supports most popular enterprise apps, you can also connect custom data sources. Custom data sources provide the flexibility to pull virtually any kind of data into your modules. There are three types of custom data sources and connection types:

  • Webhook integration - Webhooks provide near-real time data updates in response to changes in an external application, allowing your solutions to stay up to date without the need to continually poll the data source. Webhooks allow you to connect to virtually any third-party application that supports connections via API or webhook and are the most common method for connecting data sources that aren't yet supported natively.

  • Manual custom data source - You can manually create a data source within Tonkean. This option is designed for users that don't have the data in question in another resource or prefer a data source they can create and maintain within the platform.

  • Data source integration using a CSV upload - Similar to the manually creating and connecting a data source, you can also create a custom data source and upload data to it from a CSV file.