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1. Create an Email Inbox Enterprise Component

Every Tonkean module must monitor a data source (that is, a shared email inbox, a Salesforce account, a Google Drive folder, and so on). When the module recognizes a new object or change in that data source, such as a new email, it moves through a custom workflow to act on or respond to that new object. For example, if you're monitoring a Salesforce account, your workflow might activate when a new Opportunity is added and you triage and assign that Opportunity to someone on your team.

In this walkthrough, we're creating a new email inbox that will serve as a data source for a module. We can send emails to this new inbox that Tonkean will triage and respond to with specific actions.

Est. time to complete: 3 minutes


  • An active Tonkean board

  • A solution available for use

  • An active email account you can send emails from

Video Walkthrough

Follow Along

  1. Select the main nav icon, grid.png, in the upper left and select Enterprise Components. The Enterprise Components screen displays.

  2. Select + New Data Source and then select Email Inbox. The Add New Data Source window displays.

  3. Select Email Inbox Intake. The New Email Inbox Intake Connection window displays.

  4. Select Create a new connection. The New Email Data Source window displays.

  5. Enter a descriptive name for the email inbox, then select Create. The Inbox Address field displays, containing the email address for the newly-created inbox.

  6. Select Copy to copy the email inbox address, then select Close. The window closes and the data source Overview screen displays.

  7. Select Allow Solution access to this data source. The Solutions Access screen displays.

  8. Turn on the Allow Access toggle that corresponds to the solution you're using, providing that solution access to the newly-created email inbox data source.

You have successfully created an email inbox data source! In the next several topics, we will send emails to this inbox and create some logic that tells Tonkean how to process and respond to those emails.

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