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Security and Data


Security is integral to the Tonkean platform—it's what makes process orchestration possible in the first place. Only by following strict, industry-standard best practices can we effectively connect systems together while handling sensitive data.

Our comprehensive security strategy is built around several core practices:

  • Adherence to and rigorous documentation of security policies and procedures, regularly reviewed by executive management and our security team

  • Annual penetration testing

  • Secure development and QA procedures

  • Audit logging for every event

  • Full data encryption following AES-256 standards in motion and at rest

For more information about Tonkean architecture, security, and data management practices, see the relevant topics below. If you have a security question not covered here, contact support by using the Intercom widget in the lower right corner of any screen on the platform, contact your board admin, or send an email to

You can also receive a copy of our white paper detailing our security and architecture practices by signing an NDA. Send a request to to get started.

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