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3. Map Fields in the Input Source

When working with data sources like email inboxes or third-party applications, the data we're looking for are the fields they contain. For example, from an email inbox, we might be interested in the sender's name and address, the subject, and the body of the email; each of these is a field in the data source we can pull into the module and use in our module actions.

In this walkthrough, we map several data source fields so we can use them in our workflow.

Est. time to complete: 2 minutes


Complete 2. Create a Module and Monitor a Data Source before starting this walkthrough.

Video Walkthrough

Follow Along

  1. In the module builder toolbar, select the Fields button. The Fields panel displays.

  2. Scroll down to the Matched Entities section and locate the email intake data source. It has the label "(Root)" appended to the name. Beside the email inbox name, select + Add Field. The field selection window displays.

  3. In the search field at the top, enter and select the following fields:

    • "Subject (Clean)"

    • "Message (Plain)"

    • "From (Name)"

    • "From (Email)"

  4. After you select all four fields above, select Add Selected. All four fields display beneath the email inbox data source in the module builder.

You've mapped four fields from your email inbox data source to your module, allowing you to leverage those fields in your actions. Next, we'll create an Ask a Question action and use these fields as part of our workflow.

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