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What is a Business Report?

Business reports provide all the important metrics for your Tonkean solutions. They allow you to monitor the status of each module at whatever level is most helpful for your use case.

You can also initiate certain module actions directly from the business report. For example, if your module monitors a request intake form as an input source, you can generate and submit that form from the business report itself.


What are Items?

To effectively read and understand your business reports, you must understand what items and inner-items are in Tonkean.

Items are the pieces of data that the module will take action on, and inner-items are simply children of items. This is the important data you are constantly monitoring. You can think of items as a row in a spreadsheet, with columns providing important pieces of information about each item. It might have a customer name pulled from Salesforce, that same customer's total payments made amount from Stripe, and their NPS score from Zendesk, all pulled within a single report in Tonkean.


Filter Your Items

In addition to all the data pulled in from each item, you can also create filters for your data. Filter any column by any metric or criteria you would like. You can save all of these various filters and the report will capture just the data you specified in the pre-defined filter. Some examples of such filters could be Accounts with Less Than 7 NPS Scores or Opportunities in the Negotiation Stage.


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