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2. Create a Module and Monitor a Data Source

In this walkthrough, we create our first Tonkean module and connect our newly-created email inbox as the intake source. The intake source is a data source that our module monitors for changes, such as the receipt of a new email, and initiates a workflow in response.

After connecting our email inbox as the module intake source, we send a test email to confirm the module receives the email and is working as expected.

Est. time to complete: 5 minutes


Complete 1. Create an Email Inbox Enterprise Component before starting this walkthrough.

Video Walkthrough

Follow Along

  1. In your email account outside of Tonkean, create a new message and paste the address of your Tonkean email inbox into the addressee field.

  2. Enter anything you'd like in the subject line and body of the email, then send the email.

  3. Navigate back to the Solutions Studio and select the solution you're using for this walkthrough.

    Remember that we recommend downloading the Email Inbox - Intake, Triage & Coordination to house your module.

  4. On the Solutions Studio screen, select + Add Module > Create New. The Create a New Module window displays.

  5. Name the module "Inbox Triage", then select Create. The window closes and the module builder displays.

  6. Select the Input Source tile, labeled Start here in the upper left. The Configure Input Source panel displays.

  7. Select the email inbox data source you created previously.

  8. Select Custom Filter, then select the browse fields button, browse_fields.png. Search for "Created Date" in the provided field, then select Created Date.

  9. Set the second condition operator to 2 days, then select Preview Items & Save. The Input source items preview window displays, including the first email received by the data source—the test email you sent in step #2.

  10. Select Save to close the window.

You've successfully connected your email inbox as the intake source for your module and confirmed the receipt of your test email. Your data source is working! Next, we'll leverage triggers and actions to create a module workflow that initiates whenever we receive an email in our inbox.

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