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Tonkean Platform

The Tonkean™platform is designed for business operations teams—like legal, procurement, and HR—who want to reduce manual work, save time, and increase efficiency in their organization. Tonkean enables these shared services teams to become self-sufficient in automating and orchestrating the processes they know best under the guidance of IT professionals and admins.

Tonkean empowers internal teams with a suite of workflow automation and AI tools that are 100% no-code. If you know your process well enough to diagram it in detail, you can build and automate it in Tonkean—no need to rely on developers. This suite of tools enables makers to build intuitive processes that prioritize the requester's experience first and foremost, increasing process adoption and compliance. Better yet, both the process owners and requesters can track the whole process end to end, from request to resolution.

What makes Tonkean different from other platforms is our ability to meet users where they are and leverage the systems they're already using by intelligently wrapping around and monitoring those systems for updates. That means you can unlock more value from the apps and policies already in place and people get to continue working where they're comfortable. 

In short, Tonkean enables internal business teams to build intuitive processes that people actually follow.

The Highlights

  • Tonkean is a process experience platform that enables internal business teams to deliver sophisticated experiences that connect systems, coordinate people, and automate processes. With Tonkean, you can build experiences that are so good, people will actually follow your process, driving compliance and gaining efficiency.

  • Tonkean enables you to build complete, personalized experiences for internal requesters that intelligently manage the intake, triage, and resolution of every request—whether that request is complex and requires hands-on attention or can be auto-resolved.

  • Tonkean is 100% no-code. Business users that are process experts, but don't know how to code, can leverage the powerful automation and AI tools that transform enterprises.

  • At the core, Tonkean is powered by solutions, entities that orchestrate work between data, systems, and people to solve business problems. Within each solution are modules you create using a process-focused workflow builder to automate the various processes in a solution.

  • Tonkean actively tracks the state and progress of all your workflows and packages those metrics into a unique, interactive business report, providing visibility into the details of each request. Custom KPIs and reporting allow owners to track progress, reassign owners, and modify flows for each request on the fly.

  • Rather than being a replacement, Tonkean wraps around your existing tools and applications so you can continue to gain value—and unlock more value—from the tools that are already working for you.

  • Tonkean reaches your people where they like to work, such as email, chat, or other systems, providing updates and allowing people to take action in their tools of choice—no need to learn a new platform or workflow.

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