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Tonkean Platform

The Tonkean™ no-code platform enables business operations teams to become self-sufficient in automating and orchestrating processes under the guidance, supervision, and control of IT professionals and admins. Rather than rely on development resources, business and process experts can use Tonkean to solve end-to-end business problems without getting bogged down in the minutiae of the technical details.

Through the use of the existing communication channels (email, Slack, Teams, messaging, and so on.) and applications you're already using, you can ensure the right people are seamlessly included in your processes without asking those people to even log in to additional applications.

This integration allows business ops teams to focus on running the business with Tonkean sitting a layer above their everyday workflow, acting as the operating system of the business.

  • Tonkean is an adaptive software platform that allows operations teams to deliver tailored solutions to connect systems, coordinate people, and automate processes.

  • At the core, Tonkean is powered by solutions, entities that orchestrate work between data, systems, and people to solve business problems.

  • Within each solution are modules you train through a no-code, process-focused workflow builder to automate the various processes in a solution.

  • Tonkean solutions can connect to 1,000+ data sources so that you can automate processes on top of the existing systems and tools you already have.

  • Tonkean modules reach your people where they like to work, such as email, chat, or other systems, providing updates and allowing people to take action in their tools of choice.

  • Tonkean modules actively track progress and state on all activity presented in a unique interactive business report providing visibility into the details of each item. Custom KPIs and reporting allow owners to track progress, reassign owners, and modify flows for each item.

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